Facilitating knowledge sharing in all things Agroecology.

By providing a platform to connect Masters programmes in Agroecology, this network acts as a compliment to the learning undertaken in the classroom.


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Studying agroecology is life changing. Masters programmes in agroecology are offered at all partner universities of the network


The Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Located in Ås, just south of Oslo, NMBU offers a flexible two year MSc. Agroecology, with the programme made up of one core course plus electives, and an exchange to a partner university strongly encouraged.


The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Located at the Alnarp campus, just outside of Malmö, SLU offers a two-year Masters in Agricultural Science (Agroecology). This programme began in 2010, and admits approximately twenty students per year.


Agroecology is a scientific discipline that uses ecological theory to study, design, manage and evaluate agricultural systems that are productive but also resource conserving

–  Agroecology in Action

Agroecology moves beyond the technical aspects of agricultural production and considers the social, cultural, economics and environmental concerns facing agricultural systems and the people within them. We believe it is going to be a big part of future agriculture.


The network is currently only open to those involved with the graduate level programmes in Agroecology at either SLU, NMBU, ISARA, or Coventry. This includes current students and staff, and alumni.


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